Who is Paul Wicks?

A software engineer with experience in Fortune 50 companies, Non-profits, and Bay Area start-ups. Specialties include full-stack Web application development, database design, server-side programming, front-end visualization clients, geographic information, and graphic design.

Experience includes project management, technical leadership, systems architecture, software design and development, working with founders to establish product roadmaps, establish teams and execute business plans.

As a happy and prepared individual contributor, skilled in teamwork and communication, I'm ready to pitch-in and help.

Particular strengths in methodology, collaboration, and attention to detail. Organized multi-tasker. Sense of humor maintained even in dire conditions.

As a graphic artist, I can imagine things that don't exist, but should.

As a manager, I can weave the individuals skills into something that fits together into something greater than the sum of its parts

As a software engineer, I can build services that fulfill any requirements, whether explicitly specified or inadvertently discovered.

As all three, and can build a backend service, build a front end client, connect all the parts, and work within a team to promote common understanding, and exceed expectations.